Bison Demolition Group is licenced to carry out low rise commercial demolition in Melbourne and surrounds. We are specialist in the demolition and removal of Warehouses, Factories, Schools, Concrete Buildings, Parking Lots, Sidewalks, Council toilet blocks and Metal Buildings.

We work in closely with builders and property developer in Melbourne to make sure the projects get demolished and completed in the safest and most efficient manner. We understand that time is critical and offer tailored solutions to provide for our Melbourne customers’ demolition needs.

We are registered with the Victorian Building association (VBA) and fully insured to complete commercial demolition works in Melbourne and throughout Victoria.

In addition, we can assist in co-ordinating asbestos removal. Bison Demolition Group work closely with fully licenced asbestos removalist for both Class A, Friable Asbestos as well as Class B, Non-Friable asbestos. Feel free to contact one of our staff members for a discussion around your requirements.

We take immense pride in driving the industry standards forward, focusing on efficiency, quality, and safety.


Bison Demolition Group are very skilled in partial demolition, Alterations of existing building and removing only certain structures leaving the rest of the building Intact. We are fully licenced and insured to perform partial demolition and deconstruction works in Melbourne and have a great track record of doing so over our last 8 years in business

We take immense pride in driving the industry standards forward, focusing on efficiency, quality, and safety.

Our company respects your time and ensures only the most efficient, reliable and modern equipment is used on your project eliminating breakdowns and delays, obstacles and difficulties.


Commercial Strip-Out activities include the removal of internal structures and joinery, leaving the external walls complete. Bison Demolition have a Melbourne based team of contractors who specialise in this. We can strip and defit the following:

  • Ceilings
  • Partition walls
  • Windows and glass
  • Carpet and tiles
  • Wooden floorboards
  • Air condition ducts
  • Kitchens and bathrooms
  • And much more

All waste is removed from site and disposed of in an environmental responsible way. Anything that can be recycled is, to minimise the impact on landfill. If you strip out work needs to be performed outside of normal business hours, our team at Bison Demolition Melbourne can work after hours and night shift to ensure your project is completed on time


Here at Bison Demolition group, domestic demolition in Melbourne is our bread and butter. We have had a lot of experience and consider ourselves market leaders in this area especially Residential Dwellings Including Houses of All Exteriors, Garages, Sheds, Storage Structures and Outbuildings.

We work for many developers and owner builders in Melbourne suburbs who are performing knock down rebuilds. We pride ourselves on our short turn around times, commitment to prompt service and competitive price. In addition, we understand that domestic demolition needs to be done 100% safety with minimum impact on neighbouring properties.

We offer competitive prices without jeopardising safety or the environment.

We are registered with the Victorian Building association (VBA) and fully insured to complete residential and house demolition works in Melbourne and throughout Victoria.


The Safe Removal of Asbestos is An Important and Critical Process Required in the Majority of Demolition Projects Undertaken within Melbourne and throughout Victoria. We coordinate the service of Commercial and Domestic Asbestos and Hazardous Waste Removal. We only work with Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractors who are approved by Worksafe and obtain Asbestos clearance certificates before every demolition project starts.

Each site is cleared by a hygienist as a requirement on Worksafe which is included as part of our standard service in Melbourne.


Our Excavations Efficiently Remove All Forms Of Reinforced Concrete Including Foundations, Footings, Stump Footings, Strip Footings, Rocks And Waffle Pod Slabs.


We Are Fully Equipped To Take On Large Scale Land Cleaning Excavation Services Including Subdivision Clearing, Debris/Rock Removal, Tree Removal And Restoring Sites To Natural Land.

As an extra service, many of our valued customers ask us to arrange their site cut for the new home they are building on the site that has been cleared. We are capable of this work.


Your Project Is Our Priority As We Strive To Carry Out Bulk Excavations Accurately And Efficiently, With Consequent Saving In Terms Of Time And Costs. ​

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